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    I LOVE Webkinz! Well actually i love pets in real life! tell us what for favorite Webkinz are!

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      here are SOME of my faves: ones i have- bichon frise, cocker spaniel, and winter fawn! ones i want- Golden pegasus, ginger cat, and holland lop bunny!

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      My favorite one is the Butterscotch Retriever, but my favorite that I have is either the Rottweiler or Samoyed. Their names are Spike and Candi :)

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      I like a-lot of your choice’s! I really like the Chow Chow and Candy Googles!

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      Hey Sis! :D I Like a LOT Of Webkinz so I will list a few off of the top of my head……. Deer,( I REALLY Want this one! It is retired but I think I can buy one online!) Opal Owl! (SO CUTE!) Rockerz Coyote!!!( LOVE LOVE LOVE This one :D) Signature barn Owl, Winter solstice stag (Cute!) Cheeky Bunny, Celestial Unicorn, Chow Chow, (LOVE) Candy Googles (Really want this one! I LOVE it!) Holstein Cow (LOVE) Yellow Fluffy Cub (SO CUTE!) T-Rex (CUTE!) Cosmic Bear (LOVE) Rainbow Rascal (LOVE!) Radiant Rhino, Red Velvet Rabbit (LOVE This one!) Charming Panda (Want to Get this one) Here are just a Few of the ones I would want lol! and I Love them All! :) ~HrsGrl

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      silversoft cat

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        I got that one for My Birthday a couple of years ago!

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