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    Why is everyone freaking out about them? Did ganz say they were retiring? Which ones are going away, and when? Please explain this to me!

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      I don’t even know what a signature pet is how is it better I think that every pet is good but how are these better I only have seen people talk about it WHAT IS IT

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      Awww, that’s sad! I really liked the Signature Cheetah from a few years back. I wish I could have gotten it but I never could find it in stores. I’m really sad to hear this, I had no idea! I liked the signatures…a lot.

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      In June or July ganz made a letter on here called a message to webkinz collectors. They said they were discontinuing the signatures. The last one was the English bulldog. You can search up the letter if u want.

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      I am sad that this is happening. There is alot of money to make them in all but I would love to see them stay there are many other cool pets in the world for Ganz to copy off of to make the signatures. -N1-

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      Hello! They are all discontinued, or retired. They are no longer making them, so once one is sold out, it’s gone. They are all going away tomorrow (New Years). The Bulldog was the last one. ~TheDisciple

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