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    What is the craziest/funniest/weirdest name you’ve given to one of your pets? For me, I’d have to say my Snowy Owl. I named his Alabaster because it sounded cool and turns out the definition of the name refers to a white mineral that is often used to carve ornaments. Ornaments and snowy owls sorta relate to winter time, right?

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      I have to admit, those are some crazy names. I like the name Hershey Kiss though! That’s adorable! Another funny name is my pet parakeet named Paco and my turkey Sir Gobbles.

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        I named my pets: My mountain goat Snowy white (IKR! I was young!), my sheep mary, my rabbit Matthew, my cat Jessica, my fox Luke & my clydesdale horse Carol! They’re not to bad. My sister named her deer Crystal & her rabbit Reuben! Interesting. Not as interesting as my mountain goat!

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        I named my panda Bogles

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      Ugh, I named one of my pets Goldilocks. I don’t like it…oh well. I also have one who’s name is TANNER in all caps, and it REALLY bothers me! ~SS

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      I named my webkinz signature…… Hershey Kiss! I have no clue why I did that

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        that’s so funny when did you get that

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      i named my first webkinz big pink poodle Pinkydinkydoodly, and my second little leopard babybroofprowler…. ummm….hmmm, *thinks* i think that is it. there is brown angel the Clydesdale…. not to crazy… wish i named her Cloudy xD SHalom de Rosa me peace out puppy, Cheese Danish my big Pug, Leilani my tropical island pup (its an islander name), MOzambique; Gecko. The Duke; Lil Bullfrog….. Roselita; lil saint bernard…………munchikin’; Hopping Bunny. that is it. *Bows* lots of crazy names!!!!! lol

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      Well, I hate this one name I gave this pet…I named my lil’ kinz grey cat Baby. Haha…um, it’s kind of awkward. I would so change it if I could!

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