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    i was just wondering ;) i list mine in the order as of i got them. the signature deer,the signature miniature dachshund, the signature beagle,the signature snow leopard,the signature Pomeranian. so i have a total of five signatures! that`s all for now bey guys! ~meemersandboo~

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      I have 39 signatures. I really don’t feel like naming all of them so I will say my top 5 favorite to least (I don’t think you’d want to read all of those names and pets anyway XD) My signature Short-Haired Yorkie, Karie, Signature Arctic fox Aurora, Signature Endangered Red Wolf Kapu, Sig. Timber Wolf Eclipse, and Sig. Siberian Husky Kylaya. I love them all, I’m still collecting them too. :) ~wildpuppiessk8

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        That’s a lot of signatures! U remind me of a kinztuber on kinztube called sassycat143 she has a lot I webkinz signature too! She also like the siggie arctic fox and the siggie Siberian husky, but who doesn’t they are so cute

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      I have 1 signature. My female barn owl named Hershey Kiss. She is so soft! I got her over the summer I hope I get the signature ocelot

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        The signature ocelot is really pretty! Hershey Kiss is a cute name, I really like that!! :) I have a signature barn owl named Soren from Guardians of Ga’hoole

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      I have 2 signatures! First is my Male Signature Endangered Cougar, his name is Hunter and my second one is a Male Signature Harp Seal named Hoover. I got them both for Christmas last year, and Im hoping for another one this year. Oh and im wondering if anyone is willing to trade the Sigs Harp Seal’s PSI because I traded it for the Sig Small Golden Retriever PSI and I realized that was a mistake cause I expected it to be bigger, but the slide is really small and the Harp Seal’s PSI was bigger. I don’t have the Sig Small Golden Retriever’s PSI anymore but maybe we could meet up in the trading room and you can see what I have ;) THANKS! Love the forum!! ~Olivia

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      Wow. That is a lot of signatures. I only have one. :( It is a male signature endangered red wolf. (Man, that is a mouthful to say. ;) ) His name is Copper. I love him sooooo much!!! If you don’t mind me asking, but what are the names of your signatures?

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        I don`t mind naming my signatures names :) signature Pomeranian Lola signature deer Bambi signature miniature dachshund Savannah signature beagle Tony signature snow leopard Winter well that’s all of my signatures names BTW: i really want the signature endangered red wolf ;) PS: thanks for leaving a reply ;) ~meemersandboo~

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      Hi meemersandboo! These are the signatures I have in the order I got them in: signature cheetah, signature cow, and endangered signature cape mountain zebra. I never adopted any of them. I love all my signatures. Have a sweet day!~SC

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