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    i was just wondering ;) i list mine in the order as of i got them. the signature deer,the signature miniature dachshund, the signature beagle,the signature snow leopard,the signature Pomeranian. so i have a total of five signatures! that`s all for now bey guys! ~meemersandboo~

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      I have the small golden retriever, the Ragdoll cat, the gray and white tabby, the tuxedo cat, and the deer!

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      Hello!! Right now I have 5 Signatures, but looking to add more. I have the Signature Raccoon named Bandit, Signature Pomeranian named Lucky (after my old elderly neighbors sweet dog), Signature Bengal Cat named Spottedleaf, the Signature Normandy Cow named Smooch (OMG just realized it has moo in it! LOL Sorry), and the Signature Small Beagle Bagel. :)

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      I have the Endangered Mountian lion, Dama gazelle, Signature lion, red wolf, Signature ragdoll cat, marble cat, Persian cat, and I think a few others.

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        cool u have most of the ones i really want but the top of my want list are the signature African wild dog the signature barn owl and the signature chipmunk

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      I know, there fur is soft. And there faces are so cute =D

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      I commented a little while ago, and I have just recently gotten a signature webkinz so I thought I would add her on here. She is a female Signature Chow Chow named Lulu.

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        cool! I really want that Webkinz ;) ~meemersandboo~

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        That is really cool! I also have a signature chow chow and it is soo soft!

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