Wheres January 2014`s deluxe gift box?

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    I am just wondering because i am a deluxe member and i collect clothes that come in the gift boxes! we havent even goten a sneek peek of it!:( GANZ please send the gift boxes! i really want it because i am a big collecter of them! :) if anyone knows what is going on please leave a reply! ;) Thx ;) and thanks for reading a long post :) if u are a deluxe and u havent got ur`s leave a reply;) thx;) ~meemersandboo~

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      Do you only get the deluxe gift box when you first sign up for deluxe? I thought we got one every month…?

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      Sorry I’m not a deluxe member.

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      I think you have to sign up soon before January 7th to get a prize or something. I am not deluxe but they announced it. I am sure my friend DF will be able to help. I personally find the 2013 prize cooler, because I used it before at one of my friends houses. It gave me some gumball to eat. Yum! :) -Atom

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      it hapened to me too

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        If your account expires this month, you won’t get one. If not, you need to call Ganz and they will send you a box. I always check all my accounts, they go missing often, it is not uncommon, and my points sometimes get lost also. Good Luck, DF

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      You might have to wait until we are later into January. Sorry, I’m not deluxe but I hope this helps!

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        im deluxe and I’ve got it so maybe its a glitch ur end (see the tag bit I’ve added)

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