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    Hey guys! so I am thinking about ganz making more online pets plush! which ones do you think would be easy? example: Gypsy vanner Which ones do you wish could be plush? example: Flora MAZIN’ hamster ( yes mazin hamsters count ) do you think they should make special sticker packs and codes to get estore items for free? Please let me know!

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      The Red Velvet Bunny is probably my all time favorite eStore pet, so I’d totally buy it in plush form!! :D

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      The Glacial Fox, Sweet Zums, Mazin’ Hamsters (like Nimbi, Shuffles, and Midnight), Floppy Eared Bunny, Sugar Glider (should be a Lil’Kinz!), Pom Pom Chinchilla, and Red Velvet Bunny should all be plush! I know I would buy them right away if they were!

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      Yeah totally the gemstone pets, they are like my fav set of pets. And maybe some of the lamb and bunny pets that were only virtual ( they are my fav animals).

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      I think that’s a great idea! They could just make the pets the gemstone pets were based off of and just make them different colors (For example the garnet rover was based off the labs, the amethyst hound was based off the beagle, and the pearl pup was based off the cheeky dog) and they could just make little plastic gemstones! And also, the Airedale terrier is plush and if you are talking about a blue and yellow collie with wings that’s the airborne pup which they could just make a collie that’s blue and yellow and put wings on it like that bat. Same with the flying pig. And the griffins would be a great idea too (even though I probably wouldn’t get them). They look pretty hard though, but they could just put a bunch of fuzz and fluff and fuzzy stuff together. Also they just released a brand-new pet that’s most likely estore which looks like the estore purple floral fawn. They could make that plush too.

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      I think they should make some gemstone pets! and maybe the Griffins or Airdale Terrier (thats the one that flies, right?). it would most likely have wire in their wings so that you can choose where there wings position is. like the Bat!

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