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    We need people to work on finding clothing combinations that add up to 236KC. The hint said the item is made up of items that are the tutu’s resale value (118) times two……I think we should do like chilly was doing and divide it up somehow- any ideas or helpers available- I would love it if chilly would take this forum over and tell everyone what to do——are you listening haha

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      Plumpy also said it would dazzle your webkinz…… that is part of the description for the ruby slippers

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      i can divide long divison also i can do 4 digit number divided by 2 digit numbers! Just let me know what to divide i can have it down in a jiffy! it may include neon afro cap. i saw it in the curio shop in the 4pm to 5pm sale.

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      the black vest and the rainbow filpflops are NOT a part of it because the tutu came out in november 2011 and those items were made in december2011

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      J- Interesting…….I wonder if the anonymous post was from someone who has actually made it and not sharing recipe or what- these recipes are very confusing haha-thanks for the info as always! crissy135 #solvetheneontutu

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      cutie, yes you’re correct. It’s not really a hint, it’s helpful if you’re trying to trade though.

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