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    We need people to work on finding clothing combinations that add up to 236KC. The hint said the item is made up of items that are the tutu’s resale value (118) times two……I think we should do like chilly was doing and divide it up somehow- any ideas or helpers available- I would love it if chilly would take this forum over and tell everyone what to do——are you listening haha

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      GUYS TRY THIS! :D The BLACK VEST, THE NEON FUNKY FRO, AND THE FLORESENT FLIPS! Probably will not work :( but there’s a hint. ;) Friend princesskitty0608.

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        I think I tried that already. It did not work. It was either that or the BV, Neon fro, and ruby slippers.

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      i tried the rainbow stripe pants, princess hat, and studded low top sneakers and got a pachwork hat. anyone want a FREE pachwork hat? becouse i can send it to somone if they want. popy380 ; )

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      Hey guys, I have 8,232 KC and I would like to help. I am going to try the black vest, pink polka dot rain boots, and everything(starting with belts and bottoms,). I am not trying anything new though. If I’m not sure if it’s old or not then I’m still trying it. I’ve been a member since 2007 though, so I know what a lot of the new stuff is.

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      Wait! You are on a wild goose chase. 188 times 2 is 376. NOT 236. BTW, I think the black vest and flourescent flip flops are in it too.

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      I was thinking that we should look at the clothes others recipes have in them. I am not sure, I think think it could help :) also I have tried this recipe Retro Rainbow Belt, Ballerina Leotard Top, and Funky Flowered Pants.

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