Why didn't I get my Gift from SantaKinz?????? :-(

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    Why didn’t I get one in my Dock??????????????? :-(

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      You should have got your gift on Christmas and you may have had to log in on Christmas to get it. If you didn’t log in on Christmas then you may have missed the gift. “That is my Idea from past experience with it.” If you didn’t get it on Christmas when you logged in you should Email Ganz so they can reconize the problem. Thanks August from August’s Advice and Answers! N1.

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      i also did not get a present ! and for my yearly meber ship i never got the estore points! BOY I AM REALLY I MEAN REALL MAD AT GANZ! why do u do this to me ! my dad paid like $40 and yet i got nothing! i

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        ladeeda, did you pay for the deluxe membership or just for the Webkinz themselves? If you paid for a deluxe membership you should have the estore points. If it’s just the Webkinz themselves, then no you shouldn’t have gotten the estore points.

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      i don’t know!!! me neither ;-( Can’t beleive how sad it made me! lol Any one else find themselves on the naughty list?

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      I didn’t get mine either, and I also didn’t get the gift box! :(

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      If you didn’t get one e-mail ganz. You should have gotten one when you logged in. And tomorrow you wont be able to get them anymore. Lamb

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