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    Hey! Share UNs for Zoey’s! Then I will friend

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      I’m glad everyone is answering to this even though it’s not ZDA anymore!! :P :mrgreen: :!:

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      You know what I lust realized? This form is called Zoey’s design academy, and here we are talking about recent movies. ;) Not a bad thing. Just funny :) Just out of curiosity… has anyone unlocked the jeweled halter top or long mermaid skirt? And, do you need E-store points to unlock the long strapless gown?

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        LOL!!! XD Alright, LETS TALK FASHION! :lol: Jane, I haven’t been on ZDA for a really long time( that’s why my avatar is still wearing the SAME outfit, the SAME hair, and everything else. :roll: boring… I want to change it ), so I don’t know what you’re talking about. :( I’ll check it out. True, are you on WI? I am. I think I saw you on there, but IDK how to friend people and make my signature and intro and stuff( I’m new ). I liked all your clovers on your homepage. :) It’s awesome. Have a sweet day!~SC

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          No, not yet!! Yes, cupcake, I am on WI! Thanks so much!! I hope everyone is enjoying chatting here!! I may not be on here for awhile, since I’m on WI now. Thanks everyone for replying!!! ♥♥♥♥~True P.S Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

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      Hi Jane! I looked up Maleficent, and the MPAA rated it PG. I think the reason why your mom told you you’re not seeing it is because the story is about Maleficent, the villain of Sleeping Beauty and the events that caused her to do what she did to the Princess when she was born. :cry: I also believe that it’s going to be a pretty dark film( I saw the trailer too, and I got creeped out. If you see the movie, I think you would get nightmares. I usually don’t get scared, but this one will be scary. I don’t want to see it. ), that’s why your mom said no( trust her judgement! ;) ). Hey, by the way, I saw your post about the Bed of Roses. I have one for trade. None of the beds on your trade list are super beds, though. I think the rare one on there would be fair enough though. What do you think? PLMK Have a sweet day!~SC

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        Yeah. I understand why she doesn’t want me to go see it. :) And The Flying Cozy Carpet bed for the Bed of Roses seems fair. We can try to work out a time to get on and trade, but I don’t really have a set time to get on, and my mom probably won’t be sure she’ll let me get on at a certain time. I’m pretty sure we can trust each other though right? If we traded by Kinzpost I’ll send first. JLMK. :)

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          Hi Jane! :D Kinz post is fine. You can send first if you want. As soon as I receive your bed, I’ll send mine. If I tell someone I’m sending something, I always send it. Sometimes not right away because I’m busy, but I do. I’ll send some other stuff as well. Have a sweet day!~SC

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        Oh! And I’m pretty sure, but you’re VBS123 right? I’m pianogigirl

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      In The Secret Life of Arietty, I cried so much!! I mean, the ending was heart breaking! My parents and sister all laughed at me for crying, but I think that’s because I’m more human than them! :P

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      I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be PG13, because The Hunger Games was, and I’m pretty sure this isn’t going to be as violent!

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