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    That sounds cool. what about lil’ kinz tho? it’s basically the same thing, right? What about the food thing? Would it be stocked into the w shop? I’m a little bit confused. Also, if you make a new type of webkinz like that, they should add dating with opposite (not being mean) gender of webkinz so that having a baby in the game would make more sense. The people you date could be with another webkinz.com user or yourself, but you have to be friends with the other user because otherwise it might not be safe for the younger kids. But if you want to have two of your own webkinz date, then you do not have to friend yourself or make another account. Also, I like the idea of the newborn baby webkinz. that was just a suggestion. Please make trampolines work in the new webkinz version, and also what about loosing sleep and food when you play wishing well 2? WHAT ABOUT THE CARS??? AND SKATEBOARDS? :( please change htis! :)