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    -11- … She jumped all the way over and sat next to Pikachu. “HI PIKACHU, HOW ARE YOU?!?! HEY, I RHYMED!!! ISN’T THAT FUNNY? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!” Pinkie Pie yelled excited. “I’M SO HAPPY TO BE ON A BUS WITH ALL OF MY FRIENDS AND UNMET FRIENDS!!! THIS IS GOING TO BE THE BESTEST WESTEST TRIPEST OF EVEREST!!!! YASSS!!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed. “Yeah, no. We get it, bro.” Kailie said looking back where Pinkie was sitting. Honda flew in, recognizing all of the pets even though most of them haven’t pet her. “Hullo! I am Humphrey Hippo and–” “Stop, I already know–” “No, there is no stop sign in here, but a print mistake became of order and now we have more than one winner!” Humphrey said. “Riiiight. Thanks for the warm welcome, Humphrey! I hope you have a swagalicious, fanatbulous, and victorious day, and ignore any rude remarks about the engine in this bus.” Honda said flying to the seating area. She looked around as the faces– Pinkie Pie- Happy, Kailie- the “What are you doing here?” look, …

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    -10- “Yeah, yeah. I got it. And I got my violin, too!” Honda said. “You guys are so lucky to have won the raffle!” Sope Rockshredder said. “Wish I would’ve entered. “Ha! But now, I, the Speed King–” “You’re a girl though.” Sope said. “Yeah… dudette that is.. will have a chance to do something that you’ve never done!” Honda said back. “You have done stuff I’ve never done. From obsessing over Owl City to talking about Michelle Creber and Black Gryph0n 24/7 to loving rock bands and constantly complaining about how bad white chocolate smelling rice is– I don’t do that.” Sope replied. “Well, maybe the rock bands part…” “See? I toldja! Now I gotta fly or I’ll be late!!” Honda said, flying while Starlight and Pinkie Pie ran with her to the buss. “Bye!!” Everyone yelled.
    ~~~ As Starlight Glimmer, Pinkie Pie, and Honda Wingflight walked/jumped/flew to the bus, they were confused. “Uhhh… why’s it so huge?” Honda asked. … -10-

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    -13- Lyric- the “Oh, hello!” look, and she could go on and on and on and on about the faces she received. She decided to sit right next to Lyric(Which was in front of Clint. Taffy, ANOTHER PEGASUS. XD) and set her violin by her, leaning against the wall. “Hey, Lyric. What’s up?” She said. Starlight, on the other hand, was NOT happy about the news with the other people. Did Twilight know that there’d be other people here? Why the heck would she NOT tell me?!?! Oh well. That explains that list she gave me. Starlight thought to herself. She looked around and grinned at everyone. As she went through the aisle, her mane glistened and was all sparkly and glimmery. She decided to sit right across from some handsome, tall tuxedo cat who apparently wasn’t wearing a tuxedo. He was wearing a green cape. He was sitting behind some pegasus, which Starlight at first thought was Fluttershy, who was sitting behind Lyric. She looked at him and said, “Hi! I’m Starlight Glimmer! I wasn’t expecting anyone to be here, but my teacher…

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    -10- … “I dunno, but this will be some heck of a party!!” Pinkie Pie said jumping onto the buss. “La, la la la la, la, laaaa!!!” she sang happily as she met a hippo named Humphrey hippo. She gladly gave him all 34 bags of hers filled with party stuff and food. She didn’t really pay attention to what he said about all of the other pets on the bus and there being more than one winning ticket, but she sure was happy. “HI, EVERYPONY- EVERYCREATURE!!! HOW ARE YOU?!?! WON’T THIS BE A FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUNNNNN TRIP?!?! OOH, I’M SO HAPPY AND EXCITED THAT WE ALL CAN GO ON A VACATION TOGETHER!!! EEE!!!!! I BROUGHT SNACKS!!! HI KOVU, HI LEOPARDSTAR, HI CLINT, HI CASSANDRA, HI PIKACHU, HI BUCKY, HI LOKI, HI OLAF, HI SADIE, HI LIGHTNING, HI TANNER, HI CANDY, HI KAILIE, AND HI LYRIC!!” Pinkie Pie blurted out to everyone on the bus. (CuteHeart’s pets aren’t there yet and Pinkie didn’t count Starlight and Honda. Plus that’s just standard Pinkie Pie stuff. XD) …

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    -14- … Twilight Sparkle, and alicorn, asked me to make something for the trip and I did. I made cucumber sandwiches. Would you like one? And what’s your name? You have a very nice fur complexion.” Starlight offered, giving the basket to Loki. -`4- Crap, I am so sorry for the long replies, guys!! >.< I honestly didn't mean for it to be this long, I'm so sorry, forgive me Taffy!! It's now @EmilyCuteHEart's turn!!

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    -8- … especially didn’t want to believe that he was sitting right by Leopardstar. She decided to say something to him. “Oh hi, Lightning. Why are you here? Oh never mind. Let me guess. You won the vacation thing, too, right? Well that’s just sad that you won and James didn’t. You didn’t rub it in his face did you? Well, don’t throw spit wads at me and don’t play dumb with Leopardstar. I’m gonna keep my eyes on you.” Kailie said trying not to be mean to Lightning, sitting in front of him putting her invisible backpack beside her. (CuteHeart, one of your pets needs to sit by Kailie and be like, “Oh, I didn’t see that!” XD) and her electric guitar to the wall of the bus near the seat right beside her which was a window seat.
    ~~~ “Here’s the list that you need for the trip. It’ll tell you how to make friends with the easy, how to make friends with the hard, how to deal with awkward situations, how to act when someone gives a sarcastic or a bad remark, how to reply if someone…

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    -6- … replied. “Yeah, that would be us.” Lyric pipped in. “Well, then. Miss Kailie–” “That’s Kailie, Officer Kailie, Kay, Eiliak the Awesome, or something, ANYTHING but “Miss Kailie”. Please don’t give me any lady-related terms.” Kailie said. “Not even Mister?” Humphrey asked. “I am a tomboy– but NO. Just Kailie is fine.” Kailie said back. “Well then, Kailie, you and Lyric can go sit in the back with the other winners.” the hippo replied. “Other winners?” Lyric questioned. “Ho yeah, I forgut to tell yah, there were more than just one winners. There was a misprint and more than just one ticket had been printed #2745.” Humphrey said. Kailie facepalmed herself looking around and recognizing some of the pets. Let’s see, there’s Bucky, wait- What was he doing here? Pikachu (of course), Lightning (What the heck was he doing there? Ughhhh…), Tanner(Sweet, at least he’s here. He’s a pretty cool dude), Leopardstar, and oh no— CLINT AND LOKI?? They HATE each other… this oughtta be interesting Kailie thought to herself. “Should I take your bags… -6-

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    -7- Kailie thought to herself. “Should I take your guitar case?” the hippo offered. “No thanks. I’d like to keep him with me.” Kailie replied back, slightly smiling because the hippo didn’t notice her invisible backpack, Invisible. “Here, you can take mine. I have my phone and leather crossbody bag purse thing with me, so you can take my dufflebag and suitcase.” Lyric said giving her stuff to the hippo guy. As she turned around, she saw… Clint??? He was with his pegasus friend, Cassandra, too. She smiled at him, but then frowned looking at his enemies, Bucky and Loki. She said, “Hi, Cassandra! Hi, Clint! How are you? I feel sorry about Loki and Bucky being right behind you, but don’t worry– if Loki starts doing some cumbersome– I mean, some bad mischief, let me know and I’ll stick up for you.” Lyric said smiling at Clint and Cassandra. She sat right in front on them, specifically Cassandra, and relaxed. Kailie on the other hoof, stared awkwardly at everyone. She couldn’t believe that Lightning was there, and she…

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    -9- … proposes to you–” “What?” Starlight exclaimed. “I’m not finished yet.” Twilight Sparkle replied. “How to deal with the annoying pets, how to deal with the babies, how to deal with the driver, how to deal with the maids, how to deal with bullies, how to–” Twilight, I get your point. But do I really need this? I’m an expert now and–” “Yeah, Princess. The Amazing Starlight Glimmer doesn’t need some fancy paper with ink on it to prove that she’s worthy. It’s your job as the Princess of Friendship to give freedom to your student and this is what you’re doing– but forget the list.” Trixie Lulamoon said. Twilight sighed. “I know, but just take it with you anyways.”, Twilight said magically putting the scroll into Starlight’s backpack. “Thanks!” Starlight said. “You guys ready?” She asked Pinkie Pie and Honda Winflight. “Ready!” both of them said. “See ya, and don’t forget to write!!” Rainbow Dash said brohoofing Honda Winglfight. “Definitely.” she replied. “Pack LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of deodorant!” Honda’s dad said. … -9-

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    ~5~ “Come on, Lyrs! Last on there is a rusted Iron Man! Er, dog..” Kailie said. “I’m coming!” Lyric said, finally catching up to Kailie. “Uhh… is it me or does that thing look huge? Why is the bus 20x it’s normal size?” Kailie asked. “You’re right, it is pretty big, but I take it that they’ll need a big one since you hauled your electric guitar and it’s–” “His, you mean,” Kailie corrected. “His. And his case.” Lyric said smiling. She personally thought that it was ridiculous that Kailie named her electric guitar, which was a Schecter (One of the cool brands. Probably like the Diamond, Research Omen Extreme 6, Gellraiser, or a Deluxe electric guitar. She has like 20 of them (Different brands and types)) Shredward and made it a “he”. But she kept her thoughts silent because she herself has a Roland AX Edge Keytar named Trans Silent. As Kailie and Lyric got on the bus, she met this hippo. “Ho, ho, ho! Hullo, I am Humphrey Hippo! I am your driver for your won-vacation. Your tix are #2745, right?” the driver asked. “Yup, that’s us.” Kailie…

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    -4- ~~~~~~ “Okay, are you sure you’ve got everything?” Kyroashi asked his younger sister, Lyric. “Yeahp, I’m good!” Lyric said holding her dufflebag and suitcase. “Are you sure you don’t want me to come along?” Kyroashi asked. “We’re fine!” Kailie said heading towards the door. “Just text us if you need anything, and be sure to send postcards once you get to Kinzwaii or wherever you guys are going!” Kyroashi called back. “Us?” Shadow, Lyric’s other older brother questioned. “Yes…?” Kyroashi said. “I didn’t know I had to be forced to get a postcard, too. Postcards are for babies and nobody needs them. They’re just a waste of money.” Shadow said back. He was always a grumpy-serious lab, but he secretly wanted that postcard. “Annnnnyways, we really should get going. See ya, Kyros and Shadows!” Kailie said opening the door and leaving. “Yeah, bye!” Lyric said racing towards Kailie. Kyroashi waved and Shadow was like, “Hmph. Fine.”. “Hey wait for me!” Lyric said rushing out of her house to follow Kailie … -4-

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    You’re welcome! =) I hope you do win! Yeah, it was. =) I found one store with Webkinz up there, but it was closed for Labor Day. *face palm* They’re pretty cool. We saw only green and white ones. Your pony pal, MLP.

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    -3- … . All all paid expense one that won’t ro-ot away. So you might your toothbrush or two, or grab some Halloween decorations that say “Boo!!”! A manatee, a lucid dream, you gotta pack stuff from A-Z! her phone sang and rapped. “What? OH!! Today’s that vacations thing for that ticket me an Lyric won. Ticket #2745, wasn’t it? Ah, crap! I’ll be late!” Kailie said , rushing. She grabbed her invisible backpack she named ‘Invisible’ and packed everything she needed including her Nintendo 3DS, her Tablet, her camera, her phone(in her pocket, anyways) her movie player with some movies(Okay, a lot), some clothes, her laptop, her toothbrush + toothpaste, and a bunch of other stuff. And last but not least, her … her electric guitar, Shredward, whom she gave a punny name but nicknames him “Shredster”. “Alrighty, I have everything!” Kailie said racing outside and jumping into her 2019 Stingray Corvette and zooming off to Lyric’s place.
    …. -3-

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    (I can’t believe it, it’s FINALLY my turn!! I love the way the roleplay is going so far, guys! (And Taffy, I can’t wait to see Kovu’s reaction to Honda Wingflight and Kailie, haha! Maybe I should’ve added Commander Hurricane. That was there’d be like 5 people who Kovu thinks are better than him/are cool. XD) -1- It was early in the morning, and Kailie was still asleep. She was snoring and dreaming about Super Smash Bros Ultimate trophies dancing around her until… THIS SONG’S GONNA GET STUCK INSIDE YOUR, THIS SONG’S GONNA GET STUCK INSIDE YOUR, THIS SONG’S GONNA GET STUCK INSIDE YOUR HE-EAD! her electric guitar alarm clock blared and she was trying to smash the snooze button, but it was in the back. “UGH!” Kailie said turning it off and getting up. “I thought I had the alarm clock set to the song The 5th of July by Owl City…”. Kailie shrugged and got out of bed and quickly changed into a T-Shirt and jeans along with a belt and put on her snapback that said…

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    … -2- “Cinematic~ Be Brave” on it. After she put her snapback on, she debated on which pair of sunglasses should she wear. The cool black ones or the Rockstar Sunglasses? she thought to herself. “Duh!! The Rockstar Sunglasses of course!” she said out loud. Then she had to pick which jacket/hoodie to wear. (I sound like an idiot describing all of these as if I were a little kid or someone not knowing how to type. XD) “Let’s see… should I wear my Fire Emblem Lucina and Marth Hoodie? Or should I wear my Owl City Be Brave Ain’t Life Beautiful And Strange Hoodie? No wait– The leather jacket should do. Then again, it’s hot outside and I hate the hot weather! No, never mind. I’ll just wear my True North jacket. Wait, never mind. It’s not humid out, so I guess I’ll wear the leather jacket.” Kailie said, talking to herself. Y-Y-You got a vacation toda-ay. All all paid expense one that won’t ro-ot away. So you might your toothbrush or two, or grab some Halloween decorations that say… -2-