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    I am cousins with Dreamingofnewplushies and gave them an older account (Princess or Pri) since they are able to play more than me. My newer account is Sam. I texted Dreamingofnewplushies and Wishingforwebkinz after Webkinz was closed for the day on June 17th about this thread so our posts were all posted the next day. Wishingforwebkinz has played a long time, though.

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    @Bubbashuka, I hope you aren’t quitting Webkinz. Can we comment part of our username?

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    @Alphaowlbear, may I please have a Cozy Condo Bed, Cozy Condo Trunk, and Cozy Condo Wardrobe? My username begins with Sam and ends with lla. I will send a friend request later.

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    This isn’t related to needing items but I know some of you add people and then have no idea if they are playing, what is the best way to narrow down the number of friends on an account but not delete active players or people who can only play occasionally? My Webkinz friends are some of the best friends I have made but I struggle to tell who the active players are and who has quit Webkinz or is taking a break from Webkinz. One more request from me, does anyone have the Jumbleberry Fields prizes retiring soon?

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    Hi everyone, I can’t find where people have replied to me but I am looking for flower items, items from Daisy’s diner theme (but as a different theme diner), Lily Pad theme items, gem tiles, and any plushies but especially ones from Holidays or Count Down events. :) I am always willing to trade. I don’t like to post my username on here.

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    Does anyone have any of the Floral Tea Cups or any Floral items from collecting flowers from the event on the map? I am also looking for any other flowered items for a room. I am always willing to trade if needed and don’t post my username unless needed.

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    @Lilstinky, do you still have the graduation gowns? If so, may I have both? I have twin Webkinz I would love to dress in them. :) Thank you in advance. I can add you on Webkinz later if I may have them.

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    Happy Mother’s Day to all Webkinz players who are moms or mom figures. :) Webkinz Newz messed up my previous spelling of Mother’s Day. :(

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    Happy belated Mother’s Day to all moms and mom figures who play Webkinz or to moms of Webkinz players. Does anyone have any spare floral tea cups from Sunday? I was only able to use the app yesterday and the tea cups weren’t floating on it. :( I’m willing to trade.

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    @Dogfish, do you happen to have extras of the food prize (from the challenge) and would you potentially be able to send me the other rocking horses? Do you have more than one purple one? I’m trying to make a room and need two of each if possible. Thank you in advance. :)

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    @Alphaowlbear, clicking the X allows you to make sure a pet code works but to enter the code later. I have done this several times in the past and it also shows which Webkinz you will be able to adopt. Happy adopting and coming up with names.

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    I am looking for the PSIs for the original Bear Webkinz, the Pink Poodle, and the Black and White Cat. I am also needing all of the fall, winter, and spring Deluxe clothing. I will trade for anything I need. I also need the Skunk Baby Plush (from White Chocolate Eggs), the Presto Plush, and one of each election item from Webkinz Votes 2014 and several items from 2016.

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    @Alphaowlbear, it might be a few days before I can send you a friend request but may I please have 2 Racetrack Treadmills, and at least one of each of the remaining Kinzville Academy prizes (Principals office items and the Librarians desk)? I also am needing some Kinzcash, if possible.

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    Will anyone have an extra Purple Lil Unicorn Rocking Horse? I somehow managed to count the days left for the challenge incorrectly so now I can’t finish it in time and I don’t have any eStore Points. :( I am willing to trade for one since purple is one of my favorite colors. I will post my username only if someone says they have an extra Purple Lil Unicorn Rocking Horse and potentially the food that are the prizes for completing the challenge that they are willing to send me. I don’t need the food as badly, though.

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    @Alphaowlbear, would I be allowed to request one of each type of cupcake? I wasn’t able to play Webkinz much during the Cupcake event so I didn’t get very many cupcakes. My Webkinz username begins Pri. I don’t like to post my full username on here for a few reasons, though. I can send you a friend request. Thank you in advance.