Aloha Dolphin

Say a big island hello to the Aloha Dolphin, the coolest pet around! This ocean-dweller lives for the waves and just loves testing out new tricks on their custom-built Hang Ten Surfboard! And when the sun is setting and they’re ready for a night time snack on the beach, of course they’ll reach for Saltwater Sushi, a delicious dinner fit for any surfing fanatic!

47 Responses to Aloha Dolphin

  1. animalcare says:

    I just got a new one of these a few weeks ago! I named her Nessie!

  2. just_breathe07 says:

    where can I get one?? does any body know??

  3. Mendozamari20 says:

    I love dolphins they are my favorite animal I went on a vacation and I was riding a dolphin it was so fun that’s why they are my favorite I want it so bad

    • ggghhh says:

      In Mexico my family went to this special park and rode dolphins to. My little sister got an alpha male dolphins and got scared of the teeth even though it wouldn’t bite. So the employes brought in a baby dolphin that was still in training. We also had a splash fight and of course the dolphin won I had the most fun in my life

    • alohadolphin244 says:

      I have the dolphin, mendozamari20

  4. LexiCaserto0307 says:

    its so cute

  5. ggghhh says:

    In Hawaii Aloha means hello or good bye so it might be a good pet for new owners

  6. Phoenix726 says:

    I want that pet.

  7. ccaenine2 says:

    This is a pretty pet! The flower patterns might not be the best feature on this pet, but at least they are pretty.

  8. PeacePuppy2323 says:

    Aloha Aloha!

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