Aloha Dolphin

Say a big island hello to the Aloha Dolphin, the coolest pet around! This ocean-dweller lives for the waves and just loves testing out new tricks on their custom-built Hang Ten Surfboard! And when the sun is setting and they’re ready for a night time snack on the beach, of course they’ll reach for Saltwater Sushi, a delicious dinner fit for any surfing fanatic!

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  1. ggghhh says:

    I’ve told you that I went swimming with trained dolphins but did you know i swam with wild dolphins. It was during ODJG (Oceano Dunes Junior Lifeguards) and they were right under us!!!!

  2. maddiewhite1011 says:

    cute how much is she

  3. XxShineBrightMarXx says:

    Some name ideas since our normal name genie didn’t give us names: Flora, Hawaiian, Aloha, Sea, Surf, Surfelia. I don’t know if you guys thinks my names are cool, but I hope they help if you want to get the dolphin!

  4. oilgal says:

    If I get it I will name it Kaikea<3 It means sea in Hawaiian.

  5. oilgal says:

    Ganz should make a blue orca!!!

  6. oilgal says:

    Awe so cute I love dolphins, they are such beautiful animals theyre my third favourite animal, as well as orcas and belugas.

  7. kitkat555555 says:

    i couldent pass this pet up when i saw it in my “book” store, so a few weeks later after saving my allowence, a got one! she was the last one there and i named her Hibiscus, and i dont know why, i guess its because of the flowers, but hibiscus also means marshmallow.

    • BrightnSinging2Carrots says:

      I think she’s covered in hibiscuses, so your name for her makes sense! Hibiscus means marshmallow? Interesting…now I have a fun fact to tell my family! Thank you for sharing that!! ;)

  8. 7raccoon2007 says:

    Love this pet!! Awesome design! (:

  9. prprprprp says:

    Here are some name suggestions for the Aloha Dolphin: Aloha, Hawaii, Dolphina, Flower, Ocean, Saltwater, Marina, Aqua, Heat, Tropical, or Melinda. Hope that helps! Keep checking the Kinzapedia for more awesome name ideas! :)

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