American Albino

No horsin’ around, this pony is perfect! With a bright white coat and personable demeanor, everyone wants to befriend this friendly equine! To make your American Albino Horse extra happy, pick up some Sugar Cube Satay!

20 Responses to American Albino

  1. migrubbs says:

    I’m getting this pet for my cousin Kathleen’s nice Olive. I’m letting her keep the plush while I keep the code. I’m naming this pet Candy Coconut from Yummiland.

  2. BrightnSinging2Carrots says:

    If I ever found one of these, I would probably name him Maximus from Tangled since that’s my FAVORITE Princess movie.

  3. ChipperChirp says:

    I have this one!

  4. bethzing123 says:

    what does retired even mean?I could get one on amazon.

    • Fracktail says:

      It means they aren’t manufacturing them anymore. So while there are still American Albinos floating around on Amazon and the like, once they’re all taken they’ll be much harder to find.

  5. 594nat says:

    I have one but he doesn’t have a name yet… maybe I’ll name him Cheval which means horse in French.

  6. stuperstar says:

    i do have one her name is twilight

  7. smileyrylie45 says:

    I have one of these :)

  8. LexiCaserto0307 says:

    i have one!!!!

  9. ggghhh says:

    It looks like a cute pet to bad it is retired. :( I bet my friend who loves horses would want one.

  10. funnymike8 says:

    I always wanted one of these :( too bad they’re retired

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