Candy Crown

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  1. 9boogirl says:

    This crown will make your pet feel like the king/queen of Candyland once you get this sweet treat in your Deluxe box in October!

    • shuggylay says:

      Sweet description, 9boogirl! A lot like webkinzandanimalcrossing’s, but I like it!

      • Prettypikachu says:

        2 years later: Stares with joy..! I am 9boogirl with a new account! And I’d bet you’ll never see this, but thanks, shuggylay! Actually, I didn’t even see webkinzandanimalcrossing’s comment, heheh, as you can see below! (I love your username!) – PrettyPikachu/9boogirl

  2. feetfoppinkpink says:

    does anyone have one they will gift/trade me? I have many valued items i will give you for it!

  3. webkinzandanimalcrossing says:

    Your pet will love this sweet, sweet crown made of candy! You may not be the mayor of Kinzville, but you could be the king/queen of Candy Land!

  4. Michelle08 says:

    Wow! This crown is awesome! So sweet! =)

  5. horselover0106 says:

    Oooh!!! My webbie would love that!!!!

  6. snowball155555 says:

    Do you have to buy that on webkinz or can you get it here

    • shuggylay says:

      Neither, it was the October 2014 Deluxe Gift Box. You could get it now by trading for it in the trading room or getting a friend who owns one to send you one via Kinzpost. Hope this helps!

  7. iloveGod12 says:

    But that was for October Deluxe

  8. iloveGod12 says:

    You have to get the deluxe gift box to get it I think, bismore

  9. bismore says:

    o my dog how do u get it

    • shuggylay says:

      You could get it from the October 2014 Deluxe Gift Box, but I suppose you could trade for it or get a friend who has one to send you one through Kinzpost. Hope I helped!

  10. cutelydia says:

    yummy!! I NEED ONE

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