Doodle Fadoodle

Meet the kooky Doodle Fadoodle, one of the most colorful pets around! This bright and friendly bird loves to dress up and play make-believe with you, their newest friend with the help of their much-loved Colorful Costume Trunk, the perfect place for dress-up clothes! And what fun food goes best with playtime like this? A plate of fresh Snickerfadoodles, of course!

17 Responses to Doodle Fadoodle

  1. DoodleGirl09 says:

    I have this pet pet her name is Doodlelina. Add me on webkinz: DoodleGirl09

  2. Katniss_Everdeen_12 says:

    That, my fellow kinz lovers, is a masterpiece

  3. my9tail says:

    That is sooooo CUTE

  4. loveygeorge says:

    i might get this… it is AWESOME!

  5. GraceHop2014 says:

    Name: Doodlela

  6. TigerKinzKG says:

    NAME IDEAS: daydreamer/daydream, doddle(s), ribbon(s), flower, shimmer,

  7. Fracktail says:

    WOAH this is one crazy pet! Forget doodles, this is a masterpiece. I’d frame it and hang it on my wall, but that’s kind of impossible! So I will just put it on my computer and feed it marshmallows. That’s more fun than just looking at it, at any rate!

  8. mtotowa2 says:

    Name suggestions. Art, Paint, Paint brush, rainbow, sparkles, crayon, costume, or dress up. Hope this helps.

  9. mtotowa2 says:

    I love the costume trunk

  10. meeper75 says:

    I have this pet! Her name is Crayola.

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