Endangered Cape Mountain Zebra

The Cape Mountain Zebra is no ordinary zebra! This pet has pizzazz. With its beautiful black stripes, this zebra is one of the most stylish pets and can perfect a fashionable look anywhere, anytime. This posh pet loves stirring up its famous Wild Flower Fondue while playing sweet tunes on its Peaceful Plains Piano.

7 Responses to Endangered Cape Mountain Zebra

  1. mara3451 says:

    How can I get this guy? I go to click on him and it just says deluxe sale and doesn’t give me the price

  2. migrubbs says:

    I hope this pet will be the next signature in the Estore and I’m going to get him. And I’m naming him Khumba from the movie Khumba.

  3. Clau says:

    Marty’s my 4th webbie pet. :)

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