Green Peppermint Unicorn

There’s nothing the Green Peppermint Unicorn loves more than the holiday season! Celebrate with them by putting up a special Green Mystical Ice Sculpture in their honor! And while you admire its icy beauty, sip on a delicious Green Magic Mint Smoothie!

14 Responses to Green Peppermint Unicorn

  1. BrightnSinging2Carrots says:

    It’s GREEN!!!! And it’s a UNICORN!!!! A GREEN UNICORN!!!!! So pretty! Is she coming back to the eStore this December?

  2. prprprprp says:

    Here are some name suggestions for this Green Peppermint Unicorn: Peppermints, Candy Cane, (or Candy Canes), Christmas, Mint, Bella, or Green Mint. Hope that helps and that you like some of these names. Make sure you go on the other Kinzapedia pet pages and look at their comment sections for more name suggestions by me! :)

    • XxShineBrightMarXx says:

      It’s like you made a career out of this, but you don’t get paid. I sometimes do the same things you on the ones you left out. But I really like you, keep up the good work!

  3. 20petsandcounting says:

    does anyone know what it costs in estore points?

  4. migrubbs says:

    I got this with the membership last year for my niece. She wanted the unicorn.

  5. TinaKitty24 says:

    Something about the nose that I don’t like. Hmmmmm good idea though.

  6. karsyn23 says:

    its hideous

  7. WebkinzGirl38603 says:

    Aww it is so cute!

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