Grey Arabian

Like our other horses, the Grey Arabian is statuesque, proud, and full of energy. Grey Arabian horses are also extremely smart and always ready to answer some trivia or read a good book. There’s really nothing a Grey Arabian wouldn’t do to help out a friend – especially a wonderful friend like you!

30 Responses to Grey Arabian

  1. jaybones says:

    I want it my sister has it her name sassy not sassycat enyway if I got one I would name it ran weird name I know

  2. 594nat says:

    Mine is named Misty. I love this pets fur colour!

  3. rlabson says:

    I’ve wanted this pet in this month.

  4. ArmyStrongAPOS says:

    i have this webkinz. He is so adorable. I named him colton

  5. cutie99881 says:

    I named mine Clucky

  6. CrumpleHornedSnorcack says:

    I saw the I wanna run video and wanted this pet so badly. Luckily, I got him on my ninth birthday. His name is Skipper(but on Webkinz he’s Skip because it wouldn’t let me name him Skipper)

  7. icestorm13 says:

    I have one, too! Her name is Storm. :)

  8. Fracktail says:

    So do I; mine is named Smokey!

  9. Homerkittyganz says:

    I have one too! I named mine Princess Cadence :)

  10. Misty900 says:

    I am just absolutely in love with this webkinz! Mine is named Duke! :)

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