Night Mare

Things heat up when the Night Mare gallops into town! With it’s fiery coat and flame-like tail, this is one hot horse that catches the attention of every pet. Meet the Night Mare by the Unstable Stable to share a snack of it’s Red Hot Habaneros.

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  1. Beckinz8 says:

    Serefina (burning fire), Brande, Ember, Pluto, Dante, Blayze, Haydn, Erebus, Nazgul, Nyx, Odin, and the list of possible names could go on for a while, but I will probably never get this unique looking webbie. So, I hope that the name suggestions are helpful to someone who is looking to adopt a Night Mare into their herd!

  2. GhostlyRaye says:

    So cute! I recently found a cheap one with a code so I bought the Night Mare! I named him Black Hat because I love Villainous a lot. Also the Night Mare really suits his style and kinda looks like him.

  3. griffoned says:

    While Webkinz pets can be any gender you choose, a Mare is a female horse. Also, these pets are incredibly expensive after retirement. They are more expensive than rockers or small signatures and even older retired pets.

  4. shuggylay says:

    I have this pet! I got it when it first came out because my parents begged me to buy it XD. I named it Devil, because that’s what he looks like.

  5. Fracktail says:

    Mine is named Jagger, but he’s only a Night Colt still, haha. He is extremely immature and enjoys bouncing on pogo sticks. :P

  6. AvzoraB says:

    Yikes! I love her!!! I’ll get one someday and name her Apocalypse! Mwah hahaha!

  7. kinzcollect911 says:


  8. icestorm13 says:

    I have one named Arrowlii. I made that name up because Arrow didn’t sound unique enough. XD

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