October 2014 Deluxe Gift Box

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26 Responses to October 2014 Deluxe Gift Box

  1. rainbowmaddie14 says:

    omg i miss 2014

  2. pasutti says:

    jeez i remember these.. i played back in 2008 2009

  3. wwerat654 says:

    i wish i was a deluxe member

  4. ninjario900 says:

    im on 2016 even thou im not a deluxe member

  5. KitzyKinz says:

    “Looking for some October goodies? Inside this month’s beautifully-wrapped gift box, we’ve given you a delicious Candy Crown, a Neo-Gothic Wardrobe, and a shiny Wish Token. Hope you enjoy these gifts!” (By KitzyKinz)

  6. jkirk53163 says:

    A Deluxe giftbox is something you receive on the first of every month if you’re a deluxe member.

  7. bethany383 says:

    How do you get one of these?

  8. alidog04 says:

    alredy passed but wish to have it.

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