Prize Strawberries

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22 Responses to Prize Strawberries

  1. BunnyCarrothunter1 says:

    The Kinzpedia really needs update for descriptions.

  2. PYRFTHG says:

    um they just look like the ones you can grow or buy on i’m so confused please tell me what the thing about it is please.

  3. kinzcollect911 says:

    how do i get them?!? i collect rare fruit in webkinz world

  4. webkinzandanimalcrossing says:

    Your pet will feel like a winner when they eat these Prize Strawberries! Not only because they’re a prize, but they will also keep your pet happy and healthy!

  5. googles11 says:

    what is this?

  6. webkinzdiamond says:

    well i can’t complain i love strawberries

  7. cecilopez says:

    they shouldn’t have made them the same. That’s not special.

  8. 1a2s3d4 says:

    why are their the farm frs strawberries, and these strawberries, have the same image?

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