Puggle Puppy

Give a big hug to your new friend, the Puggly Puppy! This soft pet LOVES to snuggle and play, especially when they’re around their own personal Snuggle Puggle Playpen! And what’s the best snack for puggles who love to tumble? Playtime Popcorn, a delicious treat for all!

20 Responses to Puggle Puppy

  1. cupcakelover5 says:

    I want to play Time popcorn really bad and the puggle puppy it’s super duper super duper it is super duper cute :-).!!

  2. gbjockey says:

    I have this pet! her name is Sweety

  3. locococoapuff says:

    This is adorable! and I actually really want the “snuggle puggle playpen”

  4. Hrocks343103 says:

    i would cuddle this thing very day and night

  5. violetflower24 says:

    SO adorable!

  6. mowhawkpuppy6045 says:

    ahhhh this is the cutest thing ever

  7. PYRFTHG says:

    this cute deserves hugs dont you think

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