Puggle Puppy

Give a big hug to your new friend, the Puggly Puppy! This soft pet LOVES to snuggle and play, especially when they’re around their own personal Snuggle Puggle Playpen! And what’s the best snack for puggles who love to tumble? Playtime Popcorn, a delicious treat for all!

20 Responses to Puggle Puppy

  1. Fellowforge says:

    Puggles deserves my huggles

  2. CHRISTIANA says:


  3. cheesedog2014 says:

    its so cute :]

  4. glitteringduck says:

    :) All i can do when i look at it is SMILE!!!

  5. scoodiloo says:

    does anyone know if the playpen is a bed

  6. Fracktail says:

    My gosh, it’s like its face is melted into the ultimate cute-factor! The droopy ears, the droopy eyes, the droopy all-around-everything…IT’S DROOPY WITH LOVE AND CUDDLES. I bet he’s a star on Youtube (along with his friend the Snow Soft Cat, of course. Where would the Internet be without cats?)

  7. owlsrock says:

    Weird? This pet is so cute in my opinion

  8. webkinzluver124 says:

    it looks weird to me but I would get it if I saw it

  9. Bakersdosen says:

    I love pugs and puggles

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