Putrid Pudding

Your Zombie Pup can’t wait to dig in to this delightful bit of grub!

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  1. Fracktail says:


    • Fracktail says:

      I mean…I dunno what I mean. But first, can someone please educate me on whether that is chocolate or a cup of dirt? I think it’s a cup of dirt. Actually, no, disregard everything I just said, I hope it’s a cup of dirt. Forget my other comment, a cup of dirt would be utterly hilarious and make my day! No, wait, I hope it’s chocolate so then they can make a food later that is literally called “Cup of Dirt”! I kid you not, this would be the best thing ever. Anyone else agree? No…?

      • BrightnSinging2Carrots says:

        That would be the BEST name for a food! I mean, you have “Putrid Pudding” or “Headbanging Hot Sauce”–both very descriptive names–and then there’s “Cup of Dirt.” It would be such an obvious (and hilarious) name! ;D Oo! It would be a good PSF for a Mole! There aren’t any Webkinz Moles! So sad…

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