Rainbow Hedgehog

Ready to get gardening with the super-cute Rainbow Hedgehog? There’s nothing this hedgie loves more than suiting up in their special Playful Gardener’s Outfit and taking to the great outdoors for some relaxing time outside! And when it’s time for a mid-day break, they’ll naturally want to snack on their most favorite baked treat: Rainbow Rock Candy Cookies!

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  1. iCarlyKitty says:

    Can someone answer me please, I have a question, does Ganz make lil’ kinz anymore? :( Also the 2D rainbow hedgehog looks more like a rainbow pom-pom hedgehog. XD (oooh, I hope they make a blue hedgehog webkinz! ^-^) And yes, the rainbow hedgehog is soooooo cute and looks fluffy. :3

  2. shuggylay says:

    I have this pet! I got her at a Barnes and Noble once. Her name is Iridescence, but I call her Iris, after the Greek goddess of rainbows.

  3. MooMandy05 says:

    I actully have this one. Named her Peach. Fracktail, I like how you said * wipes tear from eye*

    • Fracktail says:

      Okay at first I read it quick so I thought you said you named it Fracktail and was like “woah what”. But yes, it is an extremely majestic pet. Roam free, O powder-puffery one! *waves as the hedgehog gallumphs off into the horizon*

      • BrightnSinging2Carrots says:

        Too funny, Fracktail! I especially like the part where the powder-puffery pet in question gallumphs off into the horizon. And I have to ask, doesn’t it hurt to go off into a horizon?

  4. Fracktail says:

    Oh my gosh look at this guy LOOK AT HIM. He’s so precious and squishy and also did I mention he’s a rainbow powder puff with a face. Beautiful. *wipes tear from eye*

  5. mtotowa2 says:

    More name suggestions. Sherbet (that’s what I named mine), Rapunzel because of all the “spikes”, or candy.

  6. joy0952 says:

    I LOVE THIS!!!! <3 If I were to get one I would totally name it Bloom. (Don't ask me why :D)

  7. horselover0106 says:

    Ooh that is so cute! I love hedgehogs.

  8. cinderellarnc says:

    I have to git it on cimas

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