Rainbow Hedgehog

Ready to get gardening with the super-cute Rainbow Hedgehog? There’s nothing this hedgie loves more than suiting up in their special Playful Gardener’s Outfit and taking to the great outdoors for some relaxing time outside! And when it’s time for a mid-day break, they’ll naturally want to snack on their most favorite baked treat: Rainbow Rock Candy Cookies!

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  1. prprprprp says:

    Here are some name suggestions for this Rainbow Hedgehog: Rainbow, Rock Candy, Puddles, Gardener, Hedgie, Tie Dye, or Patterns. Hope that helps! Remember to check he comments section under every pet in the Kinzapedia for more awesome pet names by me, prprprprp! :)

    • BrightnSinging2Carrots says:

      prprprprp, thank you for posting the name suggestions for various pets! I often have a hard time naming them, and your possibilities are so helpful. Thank you!!!!!!!

  2. style808 says:

    totally want it!

  3. princesspearl01 says:

    rainbow hedgehog AWESOME!

  4. 9dogmolly says:

    I want it!!!!

  5. LexiCaserto0307 says:

    i love the rainbow highlights on its fur

  6. plb1901 says:

    So cute!!! Does anyone know where to get this hedgehog?

  7. audreyw665 says:

    I saw this at my local Hallmark.

  8. resolution22 says:

    This pet is adorable! But sadly I don’t know where to find it! I live in Illinois and the stores around here hardly have any webkinz! It’s sad!

  9. princesspuppy3 says:

    I love this pet so much i might be getting it for my birthday and my birthday is on june 17th

  10. awesome_monkey21 says:

    super cute i <3 heghogs

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