Rainbow Zebra

The Rainbow Zebra is surely the most colorful creature you’re likely to see frolicking around Webkinz World! Adopt this striped pal and you’ll also receive a beautiful Rainy Rainbow Window and a plate of Herbivore Smores to feed your new Zebra!

6 Responses to Rainbow Zebra

  1. TaffyKitty12 says:

    Sweet! I recently got one and named her “Vibrantia” :) The rainbow zebra is a really cool pet!

  2. Fracktail says:

    Aww man, this was a good idea. Too bad it’s retired. ):

  3. AvzoraB says:

    i have this in my SavannahSong account and i named her Sherehe which is “party” in Swahili because i thought her stripes looked like confetti. love to all! :D – Avzora ♥

  4. Roxlemay says:

    It’s a beautiful zebra, they souldn’t decided to make it retired. I’m really disapointed, I wanted to buy one, but now I can’t find that plushie. :(

  5. mtotowa2 says:

    I named mine Twizzler (Twiz for short). His stripes reminded me of the rainbow Twizzlers.

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