Rockerz Horse

Put the Country back into Rock and Roll with the Webkinz Rockerz Horse! With just a hint of Hillbilly, this horse likes to pick a tune on their Country Banjo Stage! And when it comes time for a quick snack, serve up their favorite sweet, some Blueberry And Bluegrass Cobbler!

11 Responses to Rockerz Horse

  1. winterwarriorwolf says:

    I got one! I’m so excited!!

  2. joy2uall says:

    Your entry for Rockerz Horse needs a photo of the pet.

  3. joy2uall says:

    She seems more like country than rock . . . but . . . well, I really like her!

  4. Fracktail says:

    What are the stuff on its pattern? I can’t see…cool pet, at any rate.

  5. 594nat says:

    I got her for Christmas! I like her bandanna and hair a lot! I’m not crazy about her pattern though… Still a really cute pet! :-)

  6. clauburg says:

    I have one and his name is Patriot. My brother has his twin brother named Amerigo.

  7. ponyjammer says:

    If I got one of these, I’d name it Elsa or Apple jack for my little pony.

  8. something1 says:

    me to it is SOOOO cute to bad i am quiting

  9. Galaya says:

    SO cute I love the Rockerz horse and its bandanna

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