Rosy Satin Cow

The lovely Rosy Satin Cow sure knows how to relax! When they're feeling a little sleepy, tuck them into their gorgeously soft Sleek Satin Bed, the perfect bed for luxury-loving pets! And for a quick nighttime snack, be sure to bring them a Velvety Strawberry Smoothie, a delicious drink to help them nod off!

26 Responses to Rosy Satin Cow

  1. queso says:

    can we have a plush of this pleaseeee

  2. mrrooster says:

    it’s adoreable!

  3. DiamondBreeze says:

    i hope they make this pet available again soon, its so gorgeous!

  4. gbjockey says:

    I would name her Rose or Rosie

  5. GingerbreadKinz says:

    I would’ve definitely bought a plush of this.

  6. redhead226 says:

    Beautiful! I love the PSI.

  7. puppy2cute14 says:

    omg I want one!!!!!!! I pretty much want all of the webkinz that Ganz makes!!! haha lol XD

  8. madarauchiha says:


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