Rosy Satin Cow

The lovely Rosy Satin Cow sure knows how to relax! When they're feeling a little sleepy, tuck them into their gorgeously soft Sleek Satin Bed, the perfect bed for luxury-loving pets! And for a quick nighttime snack, be sure to bring them a Velvety Strawberry Smoothie, a delicious drink to help them nod off!

28 Responses to Rosy Satin Cow

  1. Fluttergirl111 says:

    I LOVE this pet! :D <3

  2. KitzyKinz says:

    Ohmygosh! I am in love with this pet! Amazing job, Ganz! If I ever managed to get one, I would definitely name it Valenshy from G3 of MLP (Yes, Imma MLP nerd, deal with it bro.) Only thing is it isn’t a plush yet, it’d be adorable that way :D

  3. gracerpacer1234 says:

    cute cow i really almost buy all the cute wekinz. well not all of them. if you wnat to friend me, my username is gracerpacer123

  4. kbk100isi says:

    Hi! I’m here with some cute name suggestions! Hope you enjoy! Sparkle, Duchess, Baroness, Tea Time, Velvet, Twinkle In My Heart, and…Delicate As A Daisy. :)

  5. Fracktail says:

    I think cows are severely underrated. I’m happy that we have a glittery one now!

    • shuggylay says:

      Yes, poor cows. Cows are so majestic, in their grass munching, and their beautiful moos. Everybody, go hug a cow today! *runs outside to find cow in backyard and hugs it passionately*

  6. LinkUnion says:

    The beautiful bed totally matches the window that comes with the Rosy Satin Guinea Pig :)

  7. cinnamonlover21 says:

    Very adorable! I don’t see Ganz releasing new farm animals often, so this is a cute little surprise! I’m going to consider purchasing!

  8. lazygal says:

    I am actually surprise that this pet isn’t the free deluxe pet since it is February anyway and it is red too all well. I am glad the golden fawn is coming as free deluxe pet though.

  9. himiowe says:

    I LOVE that bed! It would add the perfect touch of Glam to any bedroom!

  10. prprprprp says:

    Ok guys, I’m here with some name suggestions for this Rosy Satin Cow: Sleek, Satin, Strawberry, Rosy, Rose, Strawberry Soft, Relax, Moo, Luxury, or Little Miss Gorgeous (Miss Gorgeous if that doesn’t fit) hope I helped some of you with your naming! :) See you next time!

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