Teal Zebra

The sweet-natured Teal Zebra sure has a wild side! Join them as they explore the great outdoors and share their deliciously sweet Tasty Trail Mix, too! Need a place to catch a few zzz’s on a hike? Their fashionable Wild Outdoor Tent is the perfect choice for tired little travelers!

43 Responses to Teal Zebra

  1. _xPho3nyxblade318x_ says:

    Very pretty!

  2. Unicorn29 says:

    So cuuuuuutte!! I want one!! xoxo

  3. okokboomer says:

    omg I LOVE THIS!!!!!!

  4. biscuitkitty92 says:

    i really want it

  5. LaBriaBrit says:

    This pet is so beautiful and vibrant! I LOVE the color and stripe pattern. Great Pet Design Ganz!

  6. PYRFTHG says:

    Ooh you now what I love all the animals you have made there all so cute just like that cute teal zebra I have four pets one bubbles the seal snuggles the love frog giving the bird I don’t remember what kind but and then Wolfe the wolf I would love to have every single one there all so adorable

  7. redhead226 says:

    Such a great color scheme. It makes me think of what the night sky might look like on the savannah. I love this color! (and this pet (: )

  8. puppy2cute14 says:

    omg love this….. teal is actually one of my favorite colors!!! light purple is the other XD

  9. KitzyKinz says:

    This pet disappoints me a little bit, it looks like the pink zebra you can pick from your default pet options at the start of your Webkinz account. On the other paw, the color scheme is really cute :D

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