Tie Dyed Pony

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  1. shuggylay says:

    I have this pet! I got her when she was the POTM last year. I named her Starburst, because I saw BrightnSinging2Carrots debate it. Kudos to you, BrightnSinging2Carrots!

  2. Fracktail says:

    I love the pattern! The pink spots are really cool.

  3. TweeDL says:

    Our Tie Dyed Pony has a personality as bright and cheerful as her colorful coat. She has dozens of friends. But who’s her BFF? You, of course! She loves driving around Kinzville in her gorgeous Tie Dyed Pickup Truck or just hanging with friends at home and enjoying some Fruity Oat Cereal. (by TweeDL)

  4. TweeDL says:

    i named mine Blossom Lovechild. she’s awesome!

  5. BrightnSinging2Carrots says:

    I got one last week, but I have NO idea what I should name her. I was thinking of Rainbow Flash (from the 3rd Generation My Little Pony), Starburst (like the candy), or Sparklesnap (also from the 3rd Gen.). Any suggestions?

    • Fracktail says:

      It has been exactly one-year-minus-a-day since you made this comment! But, uh, if you’re still looking for names I vote Buttons from the old My Little Ponies or Janice from the Muppets because nobody’s going to tell me that car isn’t the painted Studebaker from the Muppet Movie.

      • BrightnSinging2Carrots says:

        Haha! I’m impressed by your punctuality (minus a day a’course)! I actually named my pet Sparklesnap after a Super Long Hair Pony from the 3rd. Generation. However, Buttons is a possible name for a very unusual pet. If I remember correctly, Buttons’ flocked cutie mark (in her So-Soft form) didn’t match her painted cutie mark underneath, making her highly unusual (I don’t think any of the other flocked ponies were that way). And Janice has potential, too! I’d actually forgotten about the rainbow Studebaker in The Muppet Movie! (I haven’t seen it in YEARS) Thank you for your name suggestions, Fracktail! Even if I don’t use them for this particular pet, they’re reminding me of other pets they would definitely work for. I’ll add them to my (very long) “Pet Names that Need Pets” list! :D

  6. 594nat says:

    I have one but I don’t know what to name and should it be a boy or a girl? Any ideas?

  7. emperorvondog says:

    I have one too! I named Him, (Yes, him) Speckle! My sis named hers Pansie

  8. cinnamonlover21 says:

    I have this webkinz and I recommend it. It is so soft and easy to take care of. I named it Rainbow.

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