Zig Zag Zebra

Get ready for a wild ride with the Zig Zag Zebra! This dynamic pet loves to keep busy by visiting their many friends (like you!) out on the town, so of course they need their very own Zany Wardrobe to keep all their many outfits organized! Plus, when they’re on the go to their next stop and need a sugary blast to keep them going, hand them a pack of Lightning Licorice, a treat sure to re-energize!

20 Responses to Zig Zag Zebra

  1. joy0952 says:

    I want one!!!! If I were to get one, I would name it Zea!

  2. melanie5975 says:

    If I got one of these I would call it Zeb.

  3. prprprprp says:

    Hi again everyone! Here are more awesome name ideas, now for the Zig Zag Zebra: Stripey, Stripes, Zig Zag, Black Licorice, Twist, Jungle, Zoo, Dolly, or Dorothy. Hope that helps! :) Make sure to keep checking back in the Kinzapedia pets section for more awesome pet names in every pets comments section! :)

    • XxShineBrightMarXx says:

      D >>| I just want to say, I love w(-)at you do, I always like t(-)e names you give t(-)em Perp. If I were EVER to adopt one of t(-)em I’d use one of your names. I have a list of names that you gave that I liked the best, so if I ever do adopt them, I don’t have to worry about what to name them!

  4. TinaKitty24 says:

    This pet is so adorable!!!! :D But the PSI could have been better like a Zig-Zag slide!

  5. emperorvondog says:

    I would name him Zig Zag! He is so sweet! Want him sooooo bad!

  6. Pinkroses9872002 says:

    The Zig Zag Zebra is in the shelves of a store in town! :O 15$ an adult stuffy? Come on! :O :( But, maybe one day! I would name him Stripes. :)

  7. Shaydra says:

    He is sooo cute!!!

  8. Fracktail says:

    I can’t be the only one who thinks of Charlie Brown when I see those zig-zags.

  9. animelover7644 says:

    It looks really cool!

  10. princess3643 says:

    This Zig Zag Zebra is completely new! It was released nearly 2 months ago and has people buying it off the shelves. I recommend this webkin because it is the most cutest thing ever. Its stripes and cool patterns light up the sky. Get this award winning zebra for your child now!

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