UPDATED: Webkinz Challenge Map!


We’ve added to the Challenge Map once again with the newest MEGA Challenge!  Check it out:


Click to Enlarge!


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  1. Annabell108 says:

    Do you think they are going to add any new challenges for people who’ve finished everything? (besides the weekly and seasonal ones I mean)

  2. IndigoZap says:

    This was originally from April 3rd, 2013

  3. IndigoZap says:

    Are there going to be any updates to this? I think it’s old…

  4. kbarry says:

    I don’t have any challenges on my page and have never had this happen. What is the reason?

  5. crosbywife says:

    The last challenge I did was a moving day one. Hope more challenges are added soon! I love them and don’t find much motivation to go on anymore unless there are challenges.

  6. alucard says:

    Well…I left a comment with the hopes of getting an answer about the challenges that are too hard to finish, or can’t be finished because where once a game was for ALL players, is now for Deluxe Only! I need Fools Gold and can’t get it cause I’m not a Deluxe Player! I need to finish the strength class, but it is WAAAAAY to hard to do so! It moves so fast that I can not control the up and down movement of the weights with my computer mouse. Why does the movers job have to have the strength classes in order to play it? Just need answers to these issues, please! Why can’t you help me here? I WANT to play the challenges, but can’t! It’s very disheartening when a play has a problem, but no one at Webkinz/Ganz/Whoever, will answer or help. Is it really all about the money? Force people to become Deluxe just so they can play the games? I just don’t understand it, I guess. I’m sorry. I’m feeling really frustrated right now. Hope this comment will be “approved”….maybe.

    • phreeby says:

      I have this trouble too, so whenever I have days of play, I go straight to the needed locations. If you want to friend me, I have several Fool’s Gold, my user is phreeby. As for the Mover’s job, I would wait for it to be available for free in a Today’s Activities hourly activity. Trust me, I’ve had this problem as well in the past, but I get around it.

    • IndigoZap says:

      THAT IS A GOOD COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!

  7. DogsCats101 says:

    The last non-deluxe challenge I did (which I finished about a week ago) was a moving day challenge, which I don’t see listed here. Is there an updated version of the challenges on Webkinz I can find to see if there are other regular challenges that I can make available to play?

  8. His_princess_1312 says:

    are there any more updates to the challenges map?

  9. Jenga218 says:

    Is this the most current version of the Webkinz challenges map? I have an account that doesn’t seem to have been awarded any of the challenges in the far right column – no CampKinz challenges.

    • sef62 says:

      I am seeing new challenges added that are not on the challenge map and are not ones they added for the month, meaning any of the additional challenges. The first one I see looks like a pig and says earn extra kinz cash. Wonder where that came from??

  10. grammy007 says:

    Love Webkinz, can not wait to see what this prize will be!!!

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