Sneak Peek: Lady Ostrich

Live in the lap of luxury with the fabulous Lady Ostrich! This high-class bird simply adores the high life–and nibbling delicately on her beloved Charming Caviar! Sinking into her fancy Luxurious Pink Bubble Bath is the epitome of luxury especially when she’s feeling a little fowl!

44 Responses to Sneak Peek: Lady Ostrich

  1. Iluvsticker says:

    I love it and I’m naming it pinky

  2. lukeskywalker123anik says:

    I want one when is it coming out to stores plus it ma find a family with me and my pets along with another mystery pet of mine I would name it princess leia

  3. Melanie4Pet says:

    i want that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol :D

  4. glitteringevening says:

    so cute! wait the bath tub looks like same thing as the bichon frise’s bath tub…. but its pink!

  5. elvira says:

    so pink!!!!!!!!!! i dont like pink but it goes with this animal

  6. winkinbear says:

    Why does she have such short legs? Ostriches are supposed to run fast and she looks as though she can barely hobble.

  7. puppy_pal_16 says:

    aww cute. she has the beak of a duck.

  8. kittycatluvsu says:

    it’s ok. not really my favorite pet. it is a little strange.

  9. Narnian100 says:

    Ooohz! i LOVE that psi!! Cant wait for it to come out xD ~Lion~

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