Sneak Peek: Lady Ostrich

Live in the lap of luxury with the fabulous Lady Ostrich! This high-class bird simply adores the high life–and nibbling delicately on her beloved Charming Caviar! Sinking into her fancy Luxurious Pink Bubble Bath is the epitome of luxury especially when she’s feeling a little fowl!

44 Responses to Sneak Peek: Lady Ostrich

  1. demilovato820jdg724 says:

    Whoa! Pink galore!! :)

  2. retydg says:

    I wish Ganz made more realistic pets and dragons. These webkinz with the prints don’t intrest me at all.

  3. chillylily says:

    CAVIAR!!!!! Gross!!!!

  4. Allieberry2 says:

    Cute pet

  5. webkinz user says:

    I love it and want it ASAP!!~!! :)

  6. Bunco says:

    Poor ostrich is not going to be able to run fast with those short legs.

  7. kbk100 says:

    I am really not a fan of this pet its too girly for my taste…. Ganz do you think you could make a signature horse? I LOVE horses and i think it would be awesome if you made a signature horse! Maybe a black stallion. :)

  8. swhitaker17 says:

    Love it! I would definitely buy this pet if I could! :)

  9. LoveWebkinzForeverGirl says:


  10. msuadaline says:

    aw, I love it! silly and cute at the same time

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