Sneak Peek: Swirly Curl Unicorn

Learn the art of ribbons, curls and swirls with the ultra-whimsical Swirly Curl Unicorn! A fantastical creature like this needs a place to store their pretty and sparkly belongings, so be sure to gift them with their own lovely Ribbons & Swirls Chest of Drawers! And when they want to take a break from all that glittering fun, hand them a light-as-air Cotton Candy Cone and they’ll leap for joy!

40 Responses to Sneak Peek: Swirly Curl Unicorn

  1. derby101 says:

    i have it got is a christmas gift

  2. Basketball555 says:

    I have a swirly curl unicorn named Sunset Shimmer.

  3. 3211k says:

    This is one of the cutest pets EVER! I love it. <3 I'm going to buy her ASAP!

  4. nooksjantz says:

    I want one !!!

  5. Suwalleis says:

    cotton candy corn you are on my shopping list…..

  6. PugPomLover says:

    Well, that’s REALLY pink, but being a Unicorn, she is a must have. Her uni sisters eagerly await her arrival. Love the PSI. Also, I just love the gift boxes. Hey Ganz, could you make posters of the various gift boxes for our rooms? I know that’s a LOT to ask, but perhaps just a few every few months!

  7. ILoveHorses5 says:

    Cute must buy pet!

  8. jrflores says:

    It is actually very pretty as an online pet. I like the virtual pet better then the plush.

  9. SilveryMoon says:

    She is cute, but I love the more realistic pets. How about some more wildlife? I LOVE the black wolf! I named my girl Raven!

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