Webkinz Classic 101: The Code Shop

Do you have a Community Code or Feature Code? Learn how to use them!

Do you have more questions about Feature Codes and Community Codes? Ask in the comments below!

6 Responses to Webkinz Classic 101: The Code Shop

  1. Hallemegk says:

    I purchased a deluxe membership and went online to put in my code. Then I went back into the app and it congratulated me for being a member, but I still can’t find the Kinzville Map? It’s not in my things to do or in my items.

  2. astranger says:

    Hi! I cannot figure out how to access the code shop (or kinzville map for that matter) on the webkinz classic iphone app AND Mac computer app. I have A LOT of codes that I purchased yesterday that I’m worried will expire.

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      The Code Shop is not available on our mobile app. For the Desktop App, click the Things To Do menu and select the Code Shop. Purchased feature codes do not expire

  3. chainsawgirl says:

    i keep putting in the codes wrong, and I got banned for 24 hours. I just have trouble typing. I am doing my best to enter my codes, and they’re all real (mostly from podkinz! Such a cool show) but I since have trouble typing, I’m worried I’ll get forever banned despite trying my best not to lie to Webkinz! I know cheating is wrong, I’m just clumsy :( Is there a way to prove I’m innocent if I keep messing up? I will tryn get my dad to help in the future, but he’s busy, I was on my own today.

    • JulySunflower says:

      Open a word document (or your preferred writing software) and type in the code there first – make sure you’ve written it correctly! – then, copy and paste each part into the Webkinz code shop! Hopefully this will cut down on the accidental errors! I would also suggest double checking what you’ve entered with the code you have before hitting enter if you know you have a history of messing up the letters/numbers. Good luck :)

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