Webkinz Classic 101: The Kinzville Academy

Learn about the Kinzville Academy, the different courses, and the rewards of completing courses.

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9 Responses to Webkinz Classic 101: The Kinzville Academy

  1. RRB says:

    Any chance of the strength class ever being made so it can be completed?

  2. radish35 says:

    It’s very frustrating. Most all of my pets are graduates in each and every other class, but the strength class. The strength class Level 10 is impossible. I’m really hoping this is something that can be fixed.

  3. symm0nne says:

    When computers were older, possibly even before DSL connections, I was able to complete the Strength class. However, it now runs *too fast* for a human being to be able to anticipate the computer response when you want to lift and release. I agree, it would be nice if Ganz/Webkinz would fix the speed aspect of how the strength class works.

  4. Sassy6272 says:

    We need to have the Tutor available again! Everyone needs a little help sometime

  5. Serendipitydoda says:

    I have no idea how this can be handled, but would love some help with the Strength class. I managed to have my first and oldest pet complete all the other classes except for the Strength…..it’s been a loooong time since he’s completed all the others, and he’s been stuck at level 8 for the Strength class for-ever. Mixing horrible hand-eye coordination with a none-too-steady wifi….I don’t really think I’ll ever be able to get him any further.

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