Webkinz Classic 101: The Magical Forest

Have you been to the Magical Forest? Learn more about this feature!

Do you have more questions about the Magical Forest? Ask in the comments below!

7 Responses to Webkinz Classic 101: The Magical Forest

  1. mykinzy04 says:

    I love playing in ZumWorld with my ZumBuddies. It is really fun and you win prizes. I can’t play much anymore as I only have the App Version. Sometimes, when I have access to Desktop I play.

  2. tjdjtj says:

    I don’t go to the Magical Forest area anymore (at least 6 months). When I do it crashes my computer.

  3. 1evman says:

    I just played my 4 turns today. The ones that you gave us 3 free. I got nothing but sap in every game. Nobody wants that.

  4. Sollace says:

    Will they update the money rewards for finding the zums? I mean 500 kin cash isn’t that big of a reward anymore. Same with finding all the keys in the forest – Cash reward and it never changes.

  5. Serendipitydoda says:

    I don’t suppose the powers-that-be in WW would ever consider making a few of the charms purchase-able in the W-Shop occasionally, so that those that aren’t able to get Deluxe accounts can access the Magical Forest areas?

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