Superbed Gallery!


For every 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, etc., Webkinz Pet Adoption, you will also find a Superbed Gift Box inside your pet’s adoption gift box. When you open it, you’ll be able to choose from one of the many amazing Superbeds inside!


Here’s a look at all of the Superbeds we’ve released or retired!



Which Superbeds are YOUR favorites?


18 Responses to Superbed Gallery!

  1. tinygma says:

    Love the Dragon bed . But Lunar Moon beds my fav !!!!

  2. machaela says:

    I love lots of these – but I do not remember many of them.

  3. Sam2sammy says:

    I love the bookworm bed the best

  4. Demongirl10 says:

    I LOVE superbeds! I’m only missing the Daredevil Bed from this picture, though I’m also missing the Flower Power Bed, and the Lunar Moon Bed which aren’t pictured here.

  5. Nicthewerecatqueen says:

    I really don’y have a favorite Superbed…There are too many really good ones (and fun fact- The dragon superbed is another Nic family heriloom

  6. snowy6a says:

    LOVE the frosty nights one! I have it in my icy palace!

  7. grannyjany says:

    I like how they post galleries of certain items, because then I can see which ones I have and don’t have. I’m glad that I have 25 of the superbeds depicted here. I wish I had the butterfly dreams bed, apple pie bed, and night at the movies bed, though.

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