Webkinz X: Information Archives



Hey there my fellow detectives! I’ve uncovered some important information about the X-citing new updates coming to Webkinz World as part of the Top Secret project, Webkinz X!


Read all about it in these Newz stories posted below:




1. Webkinz X Revealed: New Pet Meters!


2. Webkinz X Revealed: The Pet Care Heart!


3. Webkinz X Revealed: Family Score!


4. Webkinz X Revealed: Pet Requests!


5. Webkinz X Revealed: New Dress Your Pet Window!


6. Webkinz X Revealed: New Things To Do Menu!


7. Webkinz X Revealed: The New Dock!


8. Webkinz X Revealed: The New Room!


9. Webkinz X Revealed: Kinzville’s New Look!


10. Webkinz X Revealed: The New Homepage!



40 Responses to Webkinz X: Information Archives

  1. dogretaGW says:

    I can barely login into Webkinz X.

  2. rebeccaxhealy says:

    I don’t like it… Well, except for the Family Points, I love them!

  3. Saundra1 says:

    I am so frustrated with the new Webkinz World! It has been weeks and I am still missing items in my rooms! Hate the look and everything about the new Webkinz world!!!! When are they going to work out all of the many glitches??!! HELP! Miss the old Webkinz World!

  4. BirdLover190Kinz says:

    I have a terrible computer, and because that, the new Webkinz is pretty slow. Also, when I open up a challenge or the W-Shop, only part of it is visible. Plz try and fix it!

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