Webkinz Events Calendar: March 2017


There’s a lot going on in Webkinz World throughout March including a new Meet the Mayor event, St. Patrick’s Day and the Spring Shopping SPREE! Check out the calendar below to learn about upcoming events:




CLICK HERE to see April’s Event Calendar!


Do you have a favorite event you’re looking for to in March? Please leave your comments below…


88 Responses to Webkinz Events Calendar: March 2017

  1. tinygma says:

    I need a raise only 77 points here. 2 boats and it drained me !


    I had ads on and I never saw the mayor and I was on a lot. there are a lot of problems on this site. I have a long list just on my account, things missing, I have 2 yellow baseball caps but when my mouse is over them it states they are pink shirts!??? I have 3 Zum outfits but they are invisible on my dock, missing floors and wallpaper….What a mess

  3. eena2004 says:

    My birthday is on St. Patty’s :) I love the fun things you guys do

  4. LynnBear says:

    I don’t know if it took my question about gardening I can’t bring up the rake and watering can to do my crop gardening preventing me from getting the prizes from Dr. Quack can someone help me please thank you

    • tinygma says:

      These days gardens have changes . We plant and pick the crops no more watering and rakeing . So you are free to have more time on other things and just have fun. New map but with ad’s on visit the CINEMA on your map watch video for rewards . It helps make rooms pretty . Good luch so many many changes most are really nice some are well not so much. I don’t like clicking so much to get to someplace. But I do like to play here lots of nice people. If you need a friend ;) tinygma is me :) . GL

  5. LynnBear says:

    Can someone help me on gardening I can’t get the rake or watering can to come out to take care of my garden what am I doing wrong? Please reply or I won’t be able to win the Dr. Quack prizes. Thank you

  6. SillyGoose9 says:

    I got both coins already, but I’m still going to look for more so I can get the free Kinzcash.

  7. VanJoJo says:

    heh, the retro is just gonna be normal clothing for me.

  8. beba12345 says:

    cant find the mayor :/

  9. CapriEasterday says:

    @webkinzworld I cannot find where to redeem my Deluxe Membership code. Where do I go to unlock it?

  10. somegal says:

    where do I find the mayor? I looked in every park in Kinzville

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