Webkinz Event Calendar: November 2020


There’s a lot happening in Webkinz World throughout November, including a vote for a new mayor of Kinzville!


Check out the calendar below to see what we have planned for the month:




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  1. Shrekisbestmovie says:

    If you are able to and it is fine if you cannot because of old coding and stuff, could you make a status website showing if Webkinz is down or if it was down earlier in the day? A lot of other websites use this like Roblox. Thanks!!

  2. ArcanineEspeon says:

    Dang it all…this essential workers challenge is really wholesome! It’s kind of a breath of fresh air to see a kid’s game (even though much of the audience are no longer kids) A. acknowledging current events and B. turning them into a learning opportunity. I’m so glad you included people who often work for low or minimum wage in mail, delivery, and even stores! Though I’m a little confused about bakers — shouldn’t that category be broadened to include all food service workers?

  3. icecubethe2nd says:

    Thank you, essential workers! And thank you to the people at webkinz that are recognizing essential workers. <3

  4. Crantz says:

    Hope it’s ok to add this comment on this section, hope you don’t mind. It would be appreciated if you could offer all of the seasonal sales all together at the beginning of each month, not separately through each week. I purchased the jack o lantern sleeper that I’ve wanted for a long time for 7000 and in a couple of days after you put it on sale for 4900! I guess it was bad luck, but if you include all the sales together and leave them available for each season all throughout it would be easier and more fair to everyone, easier to choose, plan and already knowing also purchasing more would be possible. It would also be great and helpful if so many new items and dispensers would be available to buy separately not only through mistery bags, boxes or by buying 33000+ estore points, it would also be more fair. Thanks. :)

    • ArcanineEspeon says:

      Yeah, I might actually buy stuff then because I could keep track of when it was available :) I’d also like if items with limited availability said things like “27 Days Left!” “7 Days left!” “12 Hours Left!” the way they do on Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, a game which has several similarities to Webkinz.

  5. Animalgirl4eva_ says:

    This is my first webkinz election. Alessa for mayor sounds awesome, but I have some questions. How do you vote? How long does the election last? And who or what was Sophie stockwell before she became mayor?

    • pinkiecupcake says:

      Hey there, Animalgirl4eva! Those are all great questions! In response to your first question, you vote on Webkinz Newz. There will be an article telling you how. Don’t worry–it’s almost impossible to miss, especially if you check WN often. The election itself only lasts for a couple days, November 28-29, but each mayor will have a chance to visit Kinzville Park (marked on the calendar) and campaign on Webkinz Newz to tell you about their platform–what changes they want to bring to Kinzville. You cast your vote based on which platform you like the best. Sophie Stockwell brought us Player Appreciation Day when she was elected last time. There’s no telling what she might offer for a second term–until she visits Kinzville Park and tells us what her plans include. And in answer to your final question, Sophie Stockwell helps to run the estore, which she did before and during her term as mayor. I hope this answers all of your questions! :)

  6. hannah5banana says:

    Hope I’m lucky enough to get the player appreciation gift this month. I didn’t receive it in 7 out of my 21 accounts last month and have heard nothing back from Webkinz support about it even though I wrote them twice about it. Hard to feel appreciated for supporting the site for many, many years when you can’t even get the free item they promise you!

  7. Beckinz8 says:

    Wow! I have never seen such a long list of monthly activities! But I know that it’s an election year, so I knew that would keep us busy. I didn’t know that fairies could run for mayor, so I was shocked to see Alyssa as a candidate. I am warming up to the idea though, as my choice, Amanda Panda, isn’t running this year. I look forward to seeing what each candidate stands for before I make my decision (although it probably won’t be Dex!) I wasn’t expecting a month long tribute to our essential workers. If any of them are on WKN (or their kids can pass along the message), I hope that they feel the love, appreciation and admiration for continuing to do their jobs in the midst of less than stellar circumstances, and helping to keep us all safe and well cared for!

  8. gabby1960 says:

    So much to do, so little time!! Thank you essential workers, we appreciate all you do.

  9. Rachelgirl says:

    oh, it is already time to vote for a new Mayor again. However, I think Sophie is doing a pretty good job.

  10. gauford says:

    To anyone reading who is an essential worker: THANK YOU! We love and appreciate you!

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