Webkinz Classic Event Calendar: January 2021


Winterfest returns to Webkinz Classic in January, along with several other events. Check out the calendar below to see what we have planned for the month:




Watch Podkinz Ep: 152 to learn more about Winterfest in Webkinz World!


30 Responses to Webkinz Classic Event Calendar: January 2021

  1. ShanIreland18 says:

    I completed all 3 parts of the Adventure Scout Challenge and got all the prizes(bunkbed, plaque, badge)but I didn’t receive the winter cookies. Did everyone else not receive the cookies?

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      2020 Winterfest cookies were part of the Deluxe Monthly prize

    • 9846858 says:

      They were only a duplex thing, which in my opinion isn’t fair. I know the creators and stuff of webkinz have to earn money somehow. but I feel like being a duplex member shouldn’t be a thing. A lot of young kids play this game because it’s free, but most little kids don’t have their own money, & some of their parents can’t afford to do it. Or if you’re an adult, you still might not be able to bc there’s other important bills to pay or you’re poor. I also feel this way bc of the monthly prizes they get, while if normal members get a prize, it’s not even remotely cool as the dulex members

  2. skylarellis25 says:

    I have had no luck with getting the scout winter hat from the snowflakes during the whole winter fest, if anyone has an extra my username is skylarellis, thank you so much

    • led12213 says:

      i think i have multiples i can send you one, i have sent you a friend request I know what it is like not getting complete pieces. I have the hulu outfit with skirt head piece and coconut belt, but never won the halter top. I think was from the claw game, or one of the wheel of wow or wheel of the month. happy new year

  3. nikkicoco2012 says:

    Ive gotten like no snowflakes at all? anyone having this problem as well?

  4. 2diamonds12 says:

    I really wish we wouldn’t get so many adventure scout clothing pieces – it’s way too many, especially for people who already got them. I think it is a waste of the snowflake’s.

  5. kmkotas says:

    Is anyone not seeing a snowflake on Webkinz News? I keep logging on and looking but to no avail lol

  6. ilovebonz2003 says:

    i wish there were more options on the webkinz classic desktop app like we cant even hunt for gems

  7. szivarvany5 says:

    Yes! Smoothie Moves! Easy! (Providing the desktop app will work for me, I haven`t tried yet!)

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