Webkinz Classic Event Calendar – November 2022


It’s an election year in Kinzville! Take a look at the calendar below to see what we have planned for the month:



Click here to download the printable PDF.



Click here to download the printable PDF.


Which event are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comment section below…


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41 Responses to Webkinz Classic Event Calendar – November 2022

  1. Dudeman11 says:

    Hey Sally, when is the Sugar Cookie Puppy coming out?


    The code for the purple witch hazel plant doesn’t work :(

  3. soccer_player says:

    were is the code shop

  4. mcdaddy24 says:

    I just got the Next update. I’m sure it’s not something you can fix, but I have flashing light on most all screens and it kicks me out totally when playing certain games. Anyone else having these issues? Thanks.

  5. zorro6201 says:

    Thank you so much for making the calendars printable!

  6. Rachelgirl says:

    Oh, there are such unusual new candidates for mayor, I can’t wait to see who wins! And I really hope that I can enjoy Classic in November again, with the DAILY FLOATING MEDALLION again if you fix that terrible glitch, that would be great!

  7. robinroyal says:

    The sugar cookie puppy is cute. Is it coming in November? I don’t remember seeing it before.

  8. gingerdare says:

    I take it that means Dex has given up??

  9. babytwinkleavfk says:

    ooh, election!! I can’t wait to read everyone’s speeches.

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